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Department of Homeland Security

Improve manpower staffing, morale & save money

My idea is...To improve on the use of sick leave and how to make it a positive and reduce the use of sick leave. Using sick leave within TSA has been a negative item for many years. We need to make sick leave a positive. The fact the sick leave is now saved up until the officers retire and then it is added to your retirement date. Not all officers think about retirement so many years in the future. Saving time to have... more »


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Department of Justice

Electric Prison Fences

Can anyone please explain how spending millions of dollars per federal prison to construct an electric fence, then spending money on electricity to operate it, when people at other facilities throughout the country have successfully escaped from electric fences, can anyone explain how this is a cost savings? A person in a gun tower is a much better solution as a person does not fail when the electricity does. A... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

US Public Health Service (USPHS)

I recommend consolidating the USPHS into the US Navy (similiar to the Marine structure where they would fall UNDER the US Navy but remain a separate branch of service). They could be utilized at any DOD branch, all other government branches and some VA hospitals.

I feel that USPHS can be better utilized and with a more structured chain of command, better billet availability to ANY government branch, and expand service... more »