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Department of Defense

"Sanity Checking" New Ideas With Affected Users

Create a website where process and policy changes are announced prior to implementation and allow direct feedback on these ideas. Idea originators would be able to select targeted groups which would be affected by these ideas and receive direct feedback and a "sanity check" about if it’s a good idea or not.

Example: Transition from a Government Travel Credit Card to a Government Travel Debit Card

Result: Users could... more »



Executive Office of the President

Establish an Executive Team Dedicated to Facilitating Innovation

Many, many federal employees feel they cannot share their ideas or their agencies have inadaquate innovation platforms or frameworks to facilitate ideas. Often agencies appear to not be capable of change because change is designated to take place at the local level, however, this level does not have the resources to do so. Once it goes to a higher level there are so many ideas that employees feel their ideas will never... more »