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Department of Agriculture

Smart procurement of Government vehicles

My idea can be enacted by the President in an hour. Have the entire Executive Branch streamline the procurement of Federal vehicles by limiting them to sedan models with a four cilinder engine only and light trucks limited to six cilinder engines only. Currently all American car manufacturers build fuel efficient vehicles with these features, even full size, 4x4 light trucks. Limiting procurement of vehicles to these... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Going Green in style while helping others

-All vehicles to be energy efficient such as the Ford Fusion which would allow for less gas spent.

-Recycling should be done of cardboard, glass, aluminum. The funds should be put back into rewards for employees pushing for ways to save money in the form of monetary or days off.

-paper should be shredded, but recycled to be used in other ways.

-More solar panels, wind turbines and overall power saving devices.... more »



Department of Defense

Hybrid Humvees

My fellow soldiers are I are instructed to leave our Humvees idling when driving them for various reasons - losing radio frequencies, air-conditioning, etc. However, if a stop-start system could be retrofitted to Humvees across the military (excepting those in Iraq and Afghanistan), we could save untold gallons of diesel that would otherwise be idled away without providing any benefit. With a light hybrid system, the... more »


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