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Department of the Treasury

Hotel Per Diem Incentive to Traveler

Encourage employees to choose the lowest hotel rate below the Per Diem by giving them 10% of the amount below the Per Diem. Example, if the Per Diem is $200 and the final hotel bill is $100, the traveler would receive 10% of the amount below the Per Diem - $10.



Department of Defense

Option to Take 50% of Hotel Max Rate In Place of Hotel Stay

As a government traveler, there is a maximum rate for lodging allowance, and people will often book a hotel at this maximum rate (in fact, in places like Honolulu, all the hotels know the max rate and will charge the travelers that amount).

However, sometimes the traveler has family or friends in the area and would enjoy staying with them instead. Allowing the traveler to opt for 50% of the max as an allowance on their... more »