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Executive Office of the President

Home-To-Work Vehicle Usage

Home-to-Work (HTW) transportation imposes a major cost burden to the taxpayer. Current guidance that governs HTW utilization within the departments of the Executive Branch is overly permissive and leaves room for wide interpretation which leads to overuse and misuse of government vehicles. This is due primarily to a lack of definitions assigned to words in the key subsection of 31USC1344 which allows HTW usage, especially... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Reevaluate Home-to-Work Vehicles

The justification for home-to-work vehicles is availability for call outs.

Tucson Border Patrol Sector has approx. 300 home-to-work vehicles. Most of these are SUV's or trucks that average 16 MPG. If the average commute is 50 miles RT and average gas cost is $3.47/ gallon the average use per vehicle is 3 gallons/day. 300 vehicles x 3 gallons=900 gallons/day. 900 gallons x $3.47=$3123/day. The average work year is... more »