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Department of Commerce

Picking noxious weeds on site and in open space

We work right in the 'open space' in Colorado. I tend to pick noxious weeds and pick up trash, put them in appropriate garbage containers all on my own time. Our building is owned by GSA and we have 1, yes one, gardener assigned to do this entire area. If everyone here picked one or two weeds on their own time each day, the property would be a much nicer looking place. Instead I have gotten written up and requested... more »


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Department of Veterans Affairs

Electronic Calendars - No Paper Calendars - $ave MILLIONS

SAVE at least $3.7 million - Employees with computers should have to use the e-calendar built into MS Office or their system's equivalent, (MACs have iCal). If only 1/2 the Federal employees have a desk calendar costing $2.68 or more, the annual cost for calendars is at least $3,783,861 nationally.

The 2009 Census Bureau indicates there were 2,823,777 full and part-time Federal employees.

If every employee who has... more »