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Department of Agriculture

Surtax corn used for junk food and subsidize Fruits & Vegetables

Most junk food is made from corn byproducts. Most junk food is also cheaper to purchase than healthier food options (like fruits and vegetables). This is not a coincidence. Corn is cheap because it is subsidized by the government. Thus, the government is indirectly lowering the price of junk food at the supermarket by subsidizing corn.

The corn subsidy to farmers should not be reduced or eliminated. Instead, surtax equal... more »



Legislative Branch

Require Fed LEO's to be Physcally Fit

Congress should craft a regulation requiring Federal law enforcement officers who are paid to protect the public be physically fit enough to hold that position. LEOs are paid for the 0.01% of their time when it is necessary to fight a criminal or chase a fleeing felon (a.k.a. protecting the public). If they can't physically perform during that 0.01% of the time, they shouldn't be paid.
Out-of-shape LEOs are more prone... more »