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Department of Defense

Alternate Work Schedule & Telework Mandate

With roughly two million federal civilian employees, of which 15% (~300,000+) work in the Washington DC Metro area, demand put on the daily infrastructure (I-66, I-95, etc) is substantial. Currently, most personnel would work a normal 40 hour work week (5 days x 8 hours). If an AWS (Alternate Work Schedule) was put in place, where each employee would work eight, 9 hour days and one, 8 hour day per pay period, this would... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Have you seen any changes?

I continue to see on the news about how much is being cut, but I have not seen any changes. I do believe the amount of waste is simply annoying, but I have not read anything in my agency about any real cuts or changes to improve the way we operate.

The real incentive to improve the way we operate does not seem to be very important.
I have attended speeches at large hotels with over 200 hundred employees that are forced... more »


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