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Executive Office of the President

Pay to Plug In Electric Vehicles

I have an electric car. I would like to plug my car into EXISTING outlets on DoD installations, in order to extend the range on my electric car.
I realize that plugging in at work is "theft of service" from the DoD electricity bills. I would like to pay my installation to reimburse them for the electricity I use.

A friend of mine is an instructor at the US Naval Academy, and has worked out the details on this idea.... more »



Department of Commerce

Make GSA Green Vehicles Affordable

Despite presidential mandates to improve the sustainability of federal vehicle fleets, the cost of implementation is a major obstacle. To obtain vehicles like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt, GSA charges agencies a substantial surcharge of $10,000 or more per vehicle in addition to the monthly lease cost. Furthermore, procuring and installing an electric vehicle charging station is equally as expensive – upwards of $15,000.... more »


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