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Legislative Branch

"Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler..." Milton Waddams

At the US Attorney's office where I work we use Skilcraft to purchase most of our office supplies. Although it is required to purchase some supplies from companies like this due to the The Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act 41 U.S.C. ยง 46, purchasing certain supplies (such as staplers) from other retailers can save large amounts of money considering the quantity of supplies we purchase.

For Example:
Light Duty Skilcraft Stapler... more »



Department of Defense

A Simple Idea That Is Easy To Implement

I propose that when military members are sent TDY they be required to share quarters or hotel rooms with one other member, providing they do not have to share the same bed, are of equal rank and the same gender.

When my unit was sent on a mission for a few weeks, we stayed at a hotel and each member got their own room which was equipped with two beds. My brother, also in my unit, was sent TDY with us and we decided to... more »