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Department of Defense

Government Cooperation

This idea is for all government agencies and all supply managers. I would welcome comments.

To help promote cross agency cooperation and save money, create a .gov website similar to Craigslist that agencies requisition for excess property and material in a local area. Why should one agency buy new items, like desks or chairs, when another agency has excess material in a local area? After the item has been listed for... more »



Executive Office of the President

Blackberry Voucher Program-$450 million annual in savings

Blackberry Replacement Voucher Program

Replace Government Provided Blackberries and Cell Phones with Vouchers

Many government employees and contractors are provided Blackberries to fulfill their job tasks. However, most also have a personal cell-phone as well.

My proposal would be to give government employees and contractors a cash voucher to use their own personal smart-phones, Blackberries, iPhones, Androids instead... more »



Department of Commerce

Save ~$20 Million/Day in Energy Costs with Scheduled Outages

The Federal Government is the Nation’s largest single energy consumer and occupies over 3 billion square feet of office space. Executive Order 13514 charges agencies with increasing energy efficiency and reducing operating expenses in Federal buildings by 3% per year. Many agencies already cut the HVAC power or office lights after regular working hours and on weekends. However, there are several periods throughout the... more »


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Social Security Administration

Stop Paying Federal Benefits to Inmates

Ensure Federal Benefits Are Not Paid to Ineligible Incarcerated Individuals.

To eliminate the waste of taxpayer money government wide and run the federal benefit programs with more efficiency and save money:
(1) Identify U.S. Federal Agencies programs that provide federal benefits, aid or entitlement programs.
(2) Determine policy requirements for benefit eligibility for individuals incarcerated in federal prisons.
(3)... more »