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Department of Defense

HIRING FREEZE for ALL Federal Agencies

***Within DoD and across ALL Federal Agencies, implement a hiring FREEZE.***This will force all Agencies to do more with less and will also require all levels of management to become player coaches. By definition, and through sheer need, process improvements through Lean Six Sigma will become a reality within the Federal Government. As personnel leave the Agency or retire (normal attrition), they will NOT be replaced.... more »



Office of Personnel Management

Auction off unneeded/unused government equipment

Too many pieces of equipment that would be useful in a civilian atmosphere are locked up in storage rooms or warehouses under the auspice that they may again, someday, be used --- only to spend their entire life gathering dust.

Office supplies, computer perhipherals, storage units etc could all be auctioned off to civilians or private industry for usage.

Retaining these items only takes up valuable storage space and... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Telecommuting via Portable Secure OS.

Sometimes employees are obliged to work from home, hotel, or other non-office location. Their department traditionally issues a computer or laptop. This physical property is expensive, vulnerable to theft, and vulnerable to data theft & loss. Solution? A thumbdrive operating system that can be started up from any computer at the employee's disposal.

This idea is already being spearheaded by the US Air Force Research... more »