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General Services Administration

Reducing Paper Waste on Initial Employment Papers

This idea is stemmed by my recent acquirement of a gym membership.

When you first come to an organization, whether it is public or private, you have a ton of paperwork to complete. This paperwork relates to setting up your direct deposits, retirement allocations, and benefits. When I joined the federal work force, I had to fill the same papers multiple times, and some forms had the carbon paper in it. It was a lot... more »


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Department of Justice


Attorneys and other government agencies use a vast amount of paper.The USAO should begin to switch to digital submissions.AUSAs send letters to inmates, judges, and defense attorneys on a daily basis.They also file briefs/other legal documents, which can sometimes be several hundred pages, in large quantities.By submitting documents/correspondents digitally, the USAO should be able to cut their use of paper by at least... more »