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Department of the Treasury

GGG-Government Going Green

Website, whereas, all furniture that federal offices want to get rid of would be listed along with a photograph. Any other federal agency interested in the furniture would fill out a form that would go to AWSS to ship to that federal office. We should have an area where some of this furniture could be refurbished (ie, tables, and other wooden furniture refinished, chairs fixed, and some cleaning process to ensure federal... more »



Department of Defense

Move Federal IT services to the cloud

The average employee spends a majority of their time using basic computing services, by moving email to the cloud; the government could see a savings in operating and electricity. Google offers its email client GMail for government agencies under the Google Apps platform (GAP).

GMail includes features comparable or better than what the USG is currently using: (1) GMail supports integration with Microsoft (MS) Outlook... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Electronic Calendars - No Paper Calendars - $ave MILLIONS

SAVE at least $3.7 million - Employees with computers should have to use the e-calendar built into MS Office or their system's equivalent, (MACs have iCal). If only 1/2 the Federal employees have a desk calendar costing $2.68 or more, the annual cost for calendars is at least $3,783,861 nationally.

The 2009 Census Bureau indicates there were 2,823,777 full and part-time Federal employees.

If every employee who has... more »