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Department of Education

It's like freecyle, but better--it's for office supplies!

Being a college student, I really don't have a budget to get items I need ( like books, hangers, whatever) so I often turn to the service Freecycle--which I guess inspired me with this idea. Since each Department is complied of many offices, I think we should create an inter-office supply network. Similar to the website/program Freecylce, offices within each Department can post wanted ads for supplies they need and offices... more »



General Services Administration

Federal Freecycle for Federal Agency Administrators

Federal agencies should establish a “freecycle” like email listserv or website page in each region or metropolitan area to make available no-longer-needed items to other federal agencies that can use them. Agencies can circulate either “OFFERS” or “WANTS” to other agencies.

Freecycle is a concept that has found widespread acceptance throughout the country, and the same idea can be applied within the federal sector.... more »