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Legislative Branch

RIF – Reduction In Force – Military, SES, and Civil Service

Initiate an immediate RIF for military officers, SES, and civil service (ESPECIALLY the “high grades”). Make the announcements NOW and start chopping ASAP under existing personnel rules. Eventually, the work for the remaining unproductive employees will be so overwhelming that they will capitulate and retire. Given the President’s proposed policy to only hire one or two for every three retirees, new blood will come into... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Saving money at the VA

I seen enough waste

1) when a ward is totally empty turn the whole lighting system off.

2) Get rid of health techs, and make them C.N.A..way to many techs that cant do certain jobs.

3)Retire the one's that been in the federal system 42 years or money retiring these certain workers.

4)why have Mypay, and still have paper hard copys coming from the cheifs of the millions not having paper... more »


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