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Legislative Branch

Rethink Biometric Pilot Credential Program To Save Program Costs

Instead of developing a new stand alone "pilot biometric credential", and since legislation dictates one, why not consider using the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP's) Trusted Traveler Global Entry credential for this purpose.

Although not specifically tailored for pilots currently, the global entry card could easily accomodate "pilots" via unique data elements within existing IT infrastructure for greater... more »



Department of Defense

End of Fiscal Year Spending

Often agencies spend money at the end of the FY so their budget won't be cut by the amount they save. Instead, as a method to cut spending, allow the agency's budget to remain at the same burn rate as previous months, but allow them to not spend as much during the last month of the fiscal year. This will, in particular, save millions in wasted flying time hours when units fly unnecessarily in order to use all their... more »