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Social Security Administration

Suspend Flextime--save on energy cost

Social Security offices are reducing public hours, but we could save far more money by suspending or at least shortening the flexible band. For example, my office is open (paying utilities and rent for 20,000 square foot space) from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, although only about 10 of our 40 employees come in at 6:30, and at most 3 or 4 stay until 6. We are open to the public from 8-4:30, so I suggest... more »



Legislative Branch

Move to 4 10 hour work days per week

Shift from 5 by 8 hours to 4 by 10 hours per week and close the Federal offices. Closing Federal offices would save money, save energy and reduce child care costs for many employees.


I'd recommend splitting the week so that employees don't get too stressed out. While 4 days in a row for 10 hours might be too much for some, 2 days is workable by most followed by an extra day off.