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Department of Defense

Change Fiscal Spending and Add it to Evaluations

I recommend changing the military fiscal policy so that an organization can have money at the end of the fiscal year and for it to not only be ok, but also be encouraged by making it a high priority item on evaluations (OPRs/EPRs, Civ Appraisals).

I think the best way would be to let an organization keep their unspent money and top their coffer back up to their allotted budget. (I.e. an organization with that has... more »



Department of Homeland Security

No federal paid holidays but “floating paid holidays"

The Federal Government is operating in precarious fiscal times – employees need to take bold steps, to the degree we would take in our own personal households to “right this ship”.

Federal employees currently have ten (10) paid federal holidays in 2012 (see list below), I am also suggesting that Election Day become a federal holiday which would make a total of eleven (11).

I propose that federal employees not be paid... more »


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