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Department of Education

Paperless Filing

The federal government should track performance of the taxpayer dollars in programs and initiatives that have proven records of success and fix or end programs that do not.

The status quo within the federal government does not support this claim. Paperless filing could help move the government in that direction in the following ways:

1. Smarter data tracking- Paperless files can be pulled into databases; data can then... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Save 46,172 man hours and $107,00 dollars of paper

In 2010, The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Florida District completed approximately 929 Domestic Inspections. The copying and distribution of these reports and exhibits were completed by technicians and required approximately 3716 man hours, 1,114,800 ($7300.00) pieces of paper , 550 toner cartages, use of limited filing space, and UPS shipping charges based on weight. Instead, these reports and exhibits could... more »