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Department of Transportation

Allow Electronic Submissions of Notices to the Federal Register

As an employee who regularly submits notices to the Federal Register, there would be enormous time, material and cost savings if the process were brought into the 21st century.

Currently, several identical signed copies of Federal Register notices must be hand delivered, along with a CD of the word file, to the Government Printing Office (GPO). Our Department, in Washington DC, has an individual drive to the GPO every... more »



Department of Commerce

Use Digital maps in Federal Register

Include digital picture format in a rule for publication in the Federal Register (FR). Presently, maps are submitted in digital format (JPEG or PNG), the Government Printing Office prints a hardcopy and 'takes a photograph' of the map. This process seems counter intuitive, and greatly degrades the quality of the information. An Example of this is in 50 CFR § 226.213, Critical habitat for Johnson's seagrass. It is difficult... more »


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Environmental Protection Agency

Rule Writers Rejoice: Streamlined Notice-and-Comment Rulemaking

The Problem:
Responding to traditional notice-and-comment rulemaking required by the Administrative Procedure Act takes a substantial amount of effort for both the agency and submitters. For each rulemaking, the agency must address hundreds and sometimes thousands of comments submitted by the public to determine if the comment is substantive and whether the comment is the same or similar to that of other submissions.... more »



Department of the Interior

Reinstate XML Tagging for Federal Register Documents

For several years prior to FY 2011, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has enjoyed substantial discounts on Federal Register printing due to our use of XML tagging for submission of documents to GPO. On July 2, 2010, GPO announced in GPO Circular Letter No. 777 that Federal Register document tagging would no longer be accepted – effective date October 1, 2010 GPO also established a new per page rates which are 31.4% higher... more »