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Department of the Interior

Digitized & Downloadable Federal Park Maps

The National Park Service currently pays millions of dollars to print park maps for visitors. Ironically, they just fall apart after being used. They are also cumbersome to keep safely stored and away from the weather. My suggestion is for the National Park Service to offer visitors the option of downloading park maps onto their phones/pc in advance of their trip, or when they enter the park. Since most phones now... more »



Department of Agriculture

Automate fee booths at Parks and Forest entrances

Fee booths at universities and hospitals have had a proven record of savings by getting a coin or ticket to enter/exit the parking lots.

Currently, there are manned booths to "enter" the Park or Forest and that costs more money to pay the rotating shifts of people while holding up the line of people who enter with questions of what they will be going to see. It would be best to get the people parked and then go into... more »