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Department of the Interior

All government buildings should be net-zero energy consumers

Many local governments have taken on a policy that any new building, or those over a certain amount, be LEED certified. This is a great step, but the idea can go further within the federal government. We have the technology to make buildings cost-effectively which consume no more energy than they produce on-site.
This would not only save money on energy bills over many years that the building stands, but spur innovation... more »



General Services Administration

Centralized Data Centers Within Federal Buildings

Currently the populations of many federal buildings are made up of several agencies, not a single agency. Each of these individual agencies has a need to house IT equipment of some kind, anything from a small server for an office of 5 to large agency wide data centers could be required in any given federal building. Each agency is required to rent office space to house this IT equipment, supplemental cooling is often... more »