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Department of Defense

Expand Commisary & Exchange Benefits

The DoD should seriously consider expanding commissary and exchange benefits to DoD civilians and retired DoD Civilians.

These operations support MWR, and with an expanded clientele, they will be able to move more product and negotiate lower prices with suppliers, and thus, expand profits available for MWR purposes.

The military drawdown in the 1990s and the recent MIL to CIV conversions across many DoD agencies and... more »



Executive Office of the President

New Collaborative Federal Employee SAVE Network

We need a SAVE network. We are a complex and diverse set of departments, organizations, agencies, committees, and boards that aren't networked. There is very little transparency into the operations, capabilities, processes, or practices of other government orgs and we assume that our experiences apply across the government.

The SAVE Award buys into the notion of a one-size fits all government and focuses on low hanging... more »