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Legislative Branch

Eliminate End of Year Spending

Eliminate End of year spending. Allow money to cross fiscal years. This would eliminate the need to do new Purchase orders every October 1 for contracts from the previous years. If money can flow across the FY then it has the ability to save the government time, money and energy. There should be an incentive to return any unused portion of an agencies budget to the treasury.



Department of Defense

Change Fiscal Spending and Add it to Evaluations

I recommend changing the military fiscal policy so that an organization can have money at the end of the fiscal year and for it to not only be ok, but also be encouraged by making it a high priority item on evaluations (OPRs/EPRs, Civ Appraisals).

I think the best way would be to let an organization keep their unspent money and top their coffer back up to their allotted budget. (I.e. an organization with that has... more »