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Department of the Interior

Energy Audit Measures Could Save $5 billion

Energy Audits are complete for a large number of federal facilities. These energy audits produced numerous recommendations that can produce savings at a rapid rate. Some of these measures will pay for themselves in less than a year and begin saving money after that point and far into the future.

All measures with a payback of less than five years should be implemented immediately. These energy savings measures will... more »



Executive Office of the President

Smart Monitors in Fed Gov

This idea applies to baseline energy spending (facilities) for all federal agencies and activities. The potential is there to save $46 Million per year, for a very simple change with minimal impact. I propose a "Smart Monitor Program" that shuts down computer monitors completely when they are not in use. If there is a macro or systems software that could be developed (maybe even for free by some Computer Science majors... more »


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