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Office of Personnel Management

MANDATORY CPU shutdown @ COB & prioritize IT updates, Save $10M

Here's how to save millions per year by flipping a switch.

There is an all encompassing SOP that dictates federal employees leave their computers on (in "locked" mode) at the end of the day. This is a huge waste of electricity (ESPECIALLY if the monitor and speakers are also left on)

I understand that the reason for this is so that IT can complete system updates using less bandwidth. However, by dividing the computers... more »



Department of Commerce

3. Solar and Green Roofs Initiative

The Government can save millions of dollars if solar panels are installed on roofs of federal buildings. Most of these buildings have flat roofs and solar panels have increased flexibilities. Solar energy will decrease the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which will have a direct impact in making a greener environment. If 50% of the electricity originate from other sources such as solar or wind, the... more »