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Department of Homeland Security

Voluntary Reduction In Government Salaries

A significant reduction in government salaries can result in substantial cost savings. Ask employees if they would like to volunteer for a reduction in hours.

This is a win-win situation for employers and employees. I would want to work for an employer that offered this opportunity. Of course the employer and employee would have to consent to the time off and it would be dependent upon the workload.

I have worked... more »



Social Security Administration

Reduce Overpayments from SGA

SSA deals with many overpayments due to beneficiaries not reporting when they work over SGA. Often these beneficiaries claim that they did not know it was his or her responsibility to report their earnings. They assume that SSA automatically knew about their work or that it was the employer’s job to report.
Technology can help avoid these overpayments. Most states now have laws that require the use of the E-verify program.... more »