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Department of Homeland Security

Be realistic in evaluations

Be realistic in evaluating employees. For reasons unbeknownst to me, everyone I work with thinks they deserve to be promoted and it is just not so! So, then of course, they develop bad attitudes and are dismotivated. Those who are stellar have to put up with this nonsense of entitlement. If managers would be more clear and fair in their evaluations they'd have better employees, with better attitudes, better work ethics,... more »



Office of Personnel Management

UP or OUT employee advancement policy

There should be a preset period of time that any employee can "sit" in a grade, (especially the lower grades) without advancing.

Case and point: If an employee is a GS-5 for more than 4 years, and is receiving anything less than an "outstanding" rating, they should be given 30 days to advance to GS-6, or else they are terminated.

Employees that are allowed to stay in lower grades for long periods of time with minimal... more »