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Small Business Administration

Over time abuse

Marketing and Outreach employees are writing their own paychecks. Some events are questionable about the value they provide at some events. I would suggest instead of paying over time, that the job description stay true to the "may require time away from the office, and may require evening and weekend work." 80 hour pay period can be scheduled to include evening work and weekend work. Employees are already telecommuting,... more »



Office of Personnel Management

UP or OUT employee advancement policy

There should be a preset period of time that any employee can "sit" in a grade, (especially the lower grades) without advancing.

Case and point: If an employee is a GS-5 for more than 4 years, and is receiving anything less than an "outstanding" rating, they should be given 30 days to advance to GS-6, or else they are terminated.

Employees that are allowed to stay in lower grades for long periods of time with minimal... more »



Department of Defense

Protect Employees, Improve Acqusition Law and Use Best Practice

For decades Legacy system integrators have failed numberous times to provide adequate capabilities to meet the needs of the DoD and other Federal Agencies as indicated by numnerous GAO reports. Yet we continue to use them. Through these failed strategies, the GAO has determined that the many capabilities cause significant cost overruns and are inadequate to meet the needs of today’s changing military mission and National... more »



Department of State

Institute a mandatory "private sector year" for federal workers

Force all non-contract, non-acquisitions, non-essential personnel to take one year away from their federal positions every six years. One of the biggest issues in the federal workforce is a persistent complacency on the part of a significant minority of workers. This complacency slows government operations, erodes Agency morale, and stirs resentment among the general public, particularly among the majority of Americans... more »


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