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Department of Defense

Eliminate Energy Vampires For All Federal Workstations

When used correctly, green surge protectors cut off power to devices that don't need it such as a computer, monitor or cell phone charger plugged in overnight. One of the outlets on such protectors is designated the control outlet; when the wattage on that outlet drops below a certain level, the surge protector kills the power going to several of the remaining outlets. Special outlets are available for devices that must... more »



Office of Personnel Management

Save $96M per year by using 1/4 less lighting (electricity)

Fluorescent lights are relatively economical but what they save per bulb is lost by volume and duration.

The electricity used to power 1 Bulb costs approximately 15$ per year**

In one small part of my office (that houses approximately thirty employees), I count 36 light fixtures. That’s 72 lights --- or an electrical cost of $1,152 annually.

That’s $38.40 per employee annually, JUST for the electricity that powers... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Saving money at the VA

I seen enough waste

1) when a ward is totally empty turn the whole lighting system off.

2) Get rid of health techs, and make them C.N.A..way to many techs that cant do certain jobs.

3)Retire the one's that been in the federal system 42 years or money retiring these certain workers.

4)why have Mypay, and still have paper hard copys coming from the cheifs of the millions not having paper... more »


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