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Environmental Protection Agency

Save Time: Paperless Hiring Leading to Digital Record Keeping

As EPA Region 9 summer interns who’ve grown up in a Web 2.0 World, we feel we have a fresh perspective on how procedures are carried out with new technologies. We were surprised by the sheer amount of paper involved in the hiring process –SF-52, I-9, a physical welcome folder all of which were available online. For a total of 2 million federal employees, this translates into an incredible amount of paperwork and redundancy.... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Less paper waste via electronic alerts of chart orders

Electronically alert clerks about scheduling needs, rather than automatically printing orders.

At this VA medical center, any time an order (e.g., labs, clinic appt, xray) is entered in the electronic patient chart (GUI/CPRS) it is automatically printed. It prints near the staff who enter the appointments. The purpose is to alert clerks that an appt needs entered in the appt software (CPRS). Often it may only be a... more »


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Department of the Treasury

Online Taxpayer Accounts

The IRS should develop a website similar to loan or credit card agencies that allows taxpayers (individuals, businesses, payroll taxes, etc.) to create an account and login to see if and how much in taxes they still owe. These individual accounts should also include a breakdown showing returns that have been received or are still due, and what the taxes due are comprised of. For example, the year and type of Form or... more »