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Postal Service

Hybrid and/or Electric Vehicles for the USPS

As the operator of the largest civilian fleet of vehicles in the country, the United States Postal Service (USPS) could save money by gradually substituting its gas-powered vehicles with hybrid (gas/electric) and/or electric-only vehicles. For residential deliveries, for instance, hybrids would run on electricity alone during delivery stops, and quick runs from one residence to another. Some of the benefits from this... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Going Green in style while helping others

-All vehicles to be energy efficient such as the Ford Fusion which would allow for less gas spent.

-Recycling should be done of cardboard, glass, aluminum. The funds should be put back into rewards for employees pushing for ways to save money in the form of monetary or days off.

-paper should be shredded, but recycled to be used in other ways.

-More solar panels, wind turbines and overall power saving devices.... more »



Department of Commerce

Make GSA Green Vehicles Affordable

Despite presidential mandates to improve the sustainability of federal vehicle fleets, the cost of implementation is a major obstacle. To obtain vehicles like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt, GSA charges agencies a substantial surcharge of $10,000 or more per vehicle in addition to the monthly lease cost. Furthermore, procuring and installing an electric vehicle charging station is equally as expensive – upwards of $15,000.... more »


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