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Environmental Protection Agency

Kick the Can, USA!

As summer interns in the Region 9 office of the Environmental Protection Agency, it has been exciting to see that EPA practices what it preaches! One of the best sustainability initiatives in the San Francisco office is to replace personal trash bins with larger bins in communal areas of each floor. This simple act saves money, reduces landfill waste, and gently encourages recycling.

In the EPA’s San Francisco office,... more »



Department of the Treasury

Broaden TSP Fund Options and Open to Non Feds (for a fee)

In order to make the TSP more attractive and competitive with “like” institutional investment entities (i.e. TIAA CREF, Vanguard) I believe several indexed fund options should be added. These options would provide the opportunity for a more balanced portfolio. Once in place, their management would not adversely impact TSP operating cost. Here are the funds:

- T-Fund: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)... more »