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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Cloud Computing - Information Technology Cost Savings

Many of our jobs now require the use of a computer and other IT related devices. I believe most government employees have a computer issued to them, usually a laptop or a desktop. In many cases, the processing power and resources available in the computer that is issued to an employee far exceeds what they need for their day-to-day tasks. In some cases, the employee needs more computing power and/or resources than they... more »


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Department of Homeland Security


Prior to working for the federal government, I spent approximately five (5) years employed in the private sector. A growing practice was the implementation of faxmail. The idea is simple: an individual is assigned a phone number, and when he/she receives a fax, it goes directly into his/her email inbox.

With the goal of creating a paperless work environment, the receipt of an electronic fax will create an instant savings... more »



Office of Personnel Management

MANDATORY CPU shutdown @ COB & prioritize IT updates, Save $10M

Here's how to save millions per year by flipping a switch.

There is an all encompassing SOP that dictates federal employees leave their computers on (in "locked" mode) at the end of the day. This is a huge waste of electricity (ESPECIALLY if the monitor and speakers are also left on)

I understand that the reason for this is so that IT can complete system updates using less bandwidth. However, by dividing the computers... more »



Government Accountability Office

Purchasing Priorities

Purchases with goverment funds should be reviewed based on a priority scale to ensure that goverment agenceys buy things that are needed instead of things that are wanted. A scale could be implemented cheaply and tracked through cumperters to allow for a budget that can reflect needs over wants, this would give an extra level of oversite of purcheses to persons running budgets. For example a simple priority list could... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Remove CPU and operate solely from servers in VA Hospitals

Currently CPUs are used to log on to the VA network in the hospital medical center. These machines are outdated and have performance issues limiting productivity. The bulk of functioning already occurs at a server level which results in server lag time and delay compounded by limits of the CPU processor the user is working from. By removing this CPU from the data usage network and logging in to the server from a monitor... more »