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Department of Homeland Security

Freakonomics/SuperFreakonomics - Essential Books For Management

Action. That's what we need to do. Don't think about it. Just do it. Too often we, the government, jump in with both barrels blazing so that we can be seen as doing something. We measure things...just so that we can say we're measuring. It seems we don't stop to think about the consequences/results of our activities.

This is true for all government activities, large and small.


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Legislative Branch

S&L Officials went to prison why not Wall Street / bankers

According to a financial news publication when the savings and loan fiasco happened before banking regulations were relaxed, hundreds of bankers and S&L officials were prosecuted with several going to jail. Today it appears that this economic crisis is far worse than the S&L crisis and appears no one is being investigated much less indicted.
In the Book-TV presentation of the authors discussion of "Reckless Endangerment",... more »



Department of Commerce

One Data Collection Center

Currently, economic and financial data is collected at a variety of departments and agencies with many surveys overlapping (e.g. Census, BEA, BLS, Agriculture, etc.). We should move data collection, not data dissemination or analysis, to where collection methods could be standardized, overlapping surveys eliminated, staffing reduced and a greater utility of revenue employed. Approaching data collection in this... more »


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