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Department of Defense

A Simple Idea That Is Easy To Implement

I propose that when military members are sent TDY they be required to share quarters or hotel rooms with one other member, providing they do not have to share the same bed, are of equal rank and the same gender.

When my unit was sent on a mission for a few weeks, we stayed at a hotel and each member got their own room which was equipped with two beds. My brother, also in my unit, was sent TDY with us and we decided to... more »



Environmental Protection Agency

Kick the Can, USA!

As summer interns in the Region 9 office of the Environmental Protection Agency, it has been exciting to see that EPA practices what it preaches! One of the best sustainability initiatives in the San Francisco office is to replace personal trash bins with larger bins in communal areas of each floor. This simple act saves money, reduces landfill waste, and gently encourages recycling.

In the EPA’s San Francisco office,... more »



Legislative Branch

Tech Support replaced with video tutorials (no costs, easy!)

Easy to do, the software is free, it takes minutes to do, and saves on hundreds of tech support work tickets! We spend money on "help desk" or "tech support" each time a staff puts in a call; a per call charge. Many of the calls are about the same issue. For example, in our region the issue our tech support got calls for the most was how to change and sync your lotus notes and windows password. I made a 2 minute "How... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Put a fork in Styrofoam... it's done! Go Green and Save Money!!!

In our canteen, we are using Styrofoam plates and plastic silverware. If this is true for the canteens throughout the country, then this needs to be fixed. The amount of trash this creates just from one day of lunch is enormous. That’s not very green!
Why can't we use the trays similar to the ones we used in high school and elementary school. The hard plastic reusable trays. They would only require a high heat wash like... more »



Department of State

With one tiny letter, we can save at least $50,000.

At DoS, our office acronyms are a foundation of many of our information systems; they are standardized to reflect the name of the office, not the name of the individual who occupies that office. This eliminates the need for widespread change during times of personnel turnover.

The addition of a second Deputy Secretary, however, brought about a change to our acronym conventions that has actually resulted in significant... more »