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Environmental Protection Agency

Reduce PC costs with Netbooks and Cloud computing.

A huge portion of our budget is spent on purchasing computers. These costs can be reduced significantly.

Everyone in my office is issued a laptop that includes a DVD/CD-ROM and an 80 GB hard drive. DVD/CD-ROMs are rarely used, and the 80 GB capacity is much more than is necessary, especially since most of our files are available through shared drives.

A significant amount of money could be saved if, instead of these... more »



Department of Justice

Eliminate requirement for paper storage of electronic documents

Nearly all filings in Federal court are now done electronically via ECF. Yet when we close a case, we are required to print out paper copies of every single document filed with the court (sometimes thousands of pages), and send that voluminous file to off-site storage. Off-site storage costs are significant, and retrieval of stored documents takes additional time and money. Instead, why not allow us to save the documents... more »