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Department of Health and Human Services

Dress Code Change to Decrease Energy Costs

My suggestion is that the official dress code policy allow for short sleeve button down shirts and khaki shorts (and something analogously light for women) for a majority of personnel in the summer time. I thought of this idea when my friend, who comes to work as an administrative assistant, and is required to wear a business suit to her job in one of the administrative wings at the National Institutes of Health, was... more »



Executive Office of the President

dress code appropriate for the weather/temperature

A majority of the energy cost in my home is due to heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. I would assume that a massive amount of federal money goes to heating and cooling office space.

Current dress codes and customs suggest that a person should dress exactly the same in both winter and summer. This requires more heating/cooling costs for buildings as they try to reach 70 degrees for every work day. Instead,... more »



Department of Defense

Relax dress code during summer months

During the summer months we are spending significant amounts of money to run AC units at high levels so that our work force can feel comfortable while wearing suit and tie business attire. We should relax work force dress codes during these months and significantly reduce AC costs. It’s 102 today in the DC area and I brought my suit coat to work. This makes no sense.