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Department of Defense

Civilian/Contractor in Afghanistan

I believe if you got rid of the contractors/civilians in Afghanistan it would reduce the deficit tremendously. While being deployed here (AF/E-7) I have met so many American citizens that are getting paid 6 digits for what the actual military can do cheaper. For example, there was a fork lift driver moving cargo when the planes arrive and he stated that he has been here for 8 years and makes $125,000/year. Also we... more »



Legislative Branch

pay beltway bandits for software based on independent testing

we all have our nightmare stories -- beltway bandits who schmooze the gov into lucrative contracts then don't deliver, contractors who hire retired gov. big shots so they can procure contracts, projects that run over budget and still charge the government. it goes on and on.

here is an idea specific for software projects. what about an independent government group whose sole purpose is to have 100% control over paying... more »


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