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Department of Defense

Paperless Contracting Using Existing Technology

I recommend that we use existing technology to get us to paperless contracting. Right now, there are appear to be initiatives involving large systems to get us to a paperless system. Instead, we should be utilizing existing COTS software such as the full version Adobe Acrobat (with digital signature). This software can be used to convert RFP letters, MFRs, etc from word to adobe and then signed using the adobe digital... more »



Legislative Branch

Digital signatures save time, money, resources

Digital Signatures, Use by the smaller agencies

Digital signatures will save a lot of printing for both the agencies and their grantees/ contractors. Also documents should be archived AND searchable. This increases transparency of government and financial activities.

Bigger agencies have staff knowledgeable about this issue; please help the legal offices in the smaller agencies resolve this issue.

Digital signature... more »