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Department of Commerce

$187,000,000 Per Year Saved! OPERATION FREEZE THE INK!

OPERATION FREEZE THE INK! 700 pounds and 10,000 pages is what the average worker will print in one year. A 25-30% reduction of printing by 50-60% of federal workers (1,500,000 FTE) would save $187 million in a year! It's not technology that holds us back, it's the will to use it. Implementing a printing cap would make government workers get creative in how a document is electronically delivered.



Department of Energy

Paperless Executive Secretariat Process

The Executive Secretariat at the DOE is the office through which all formal correspondence with outside entities is screened for quality control prior to sending the response. However, their process is extremely flawed with its draconian rules which requires paper submission of ALL materials remotely related to such a formal correspondence.

For instance, if an outside entity has a question about an EPA rule, the formal... more »


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