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Legislative Branch

End the war on drugs

The war on drugs has been a failure that has lasted far too long and has cost this nation far too much, a cost measured in dollars and in lives.

Ending the war on drugs and subsequent legalization would create a domestic industry, and with it, jobs and tax revenue. It would also alleviate the astronomical spending necessary for enforcement and the subsequent incarceration of violations and violators of respective policies... more »



Social Security Administration

One Time Lump Sum Death Payment

Eliminate the one time payment of $255.00 to spouses/dependent children. Over $200 million in Lump Sum Death Benefits have been paid out every year since 1963. At only $255, many beneficiaries (especially those not entitled to benefits other than this) often feel disrespected by the payment, potentially causing PR issues. In addition to the basic disrespect, burial/funeral costs are much more than this payment can... more »