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Department of Justice

Federal Employee Video Testimony

Routinely the DOJ and US Attorneys Office will subpoena Federal employees to testify in cases outside of the employee's geographical work area.

These cases can often be cross country in nature as currently my office on the West Coast is working to find funding to send an employee to the East Coast for under one hour of general background testimony.

A cross country flight and hotel for less than one hour of general testimony.... more »



Department of Defense

phase out welfare and section 8 and low income house projects

CANCEL and phase out Welfare and section 8 and food stamps and welfare benefits and low income housing for able bodied working age citizens. The triilions of dollars of welfare money have created a section of society that does not contribute to society and that drains the taxpayers and does not produce tax income for the US GOVERNMENT and holds its customers in social and finance bondage. Please phase out the progams... more »



EXOP - Office of National Drug Control Policy

Legalize, and Salary Cap at Minimum Wage, the Sale of Narcotics

The “War on Drugs”, has done nothing except increase the violent tendencies and the salary, of drug dealers. Legalize, and force into the not for profit sector, the sale of all narcotics, and psychiatric medications. Place a cap on the wages earned by people who make narcotics and psychiatric drugs, of minimum wage, up to 60 hours a week. Drug farmers and lab techs that want to turn our children into drug addicts... more »