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Department of Defense

Modernizing DAU Online Course Delivery

I have never been a fan of online courses, particularly ones where a student simply clicks through a set of slides. However, online course delivery has evolved into a format that is not only cheaper, but one which can actually provide a higher-quality learning experience than a traditional classroom.

Universities around the world are now providing virtual classrooms for their students. I encourage you to view MIT’s free... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Allow qualified applicants to test out of DAWIA CON courses

Especially in the National Capitol Region, the workforce is replete with qualified individuals who have the real-world knowledge, experience, and ability--in a cost-conscious environment--to fulfill all of the duties of a GS-1102-12/13/14, but are rejected by the scanner-based HR "reviews" because they don't possess Level II or III certifications. (One must be agency-sponsored for that--and is therefore ineligible for... more »


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