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Department of Veterans Affairs

Develop a Call Back System for the National Call Center

Veterans and family members inquiring about VA benefits and claim status call the National Call Center everyday and many are frustrated by long waiting periods to reach a person who can assist them. Many "drop calls" are recorded every month due to customers who either get tired of waiting or have to terminate their call for other reasons. I recommend VBA implement an option to have a VBA representative call the caller... more »


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General Services Administration

Eliminate the ACSI survey and replace with a forum

The ACSI survey is the popup survey that you see when you visit an agency's webpage. But the surveys have way too many questions, it takes too long to do, and agencies are not required to make any changes based on the feedback provided from the survey.

So I suggest that each agency have a feedback page where visitors can post their comments and the agency is required to make these public. So if the agency has a very... more »



Financial Reform

USAF Finance Apocalypse

The current systems of the basis of funding our war-fighting machine operators and support is as close to a disaster as it can get due to decisions made solely by management that hasn't a clue how the technicians, auditors, systems and members work. The ultimate goal is to create a system at the lowest cost. This apparently means testing the system on the greater scale is too expensice and can be surpassed. If you ask... more »