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Legislative Branch

Eliminate Foreign Aid to Hostile Countries

We have to much money going to countries that are harboring Terrorists and those would do harm to the United states. That money could be better spent here at home on our own people who are hungry, who are homeless, who are under-educated, who are destitute. We have way to many problems here that need to be taken care of first. Our infrastructure is falling down around us. There are bridges and roads in such disrepair... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Countries pay for their illegals.

In addition to fining those present in the United States contrary to law, we should start charging the countries of nationality for the detention, removal, and deportation of their citizens.

If these countries were doing more to improve the quality of life, that would hinder the influx of people who are "just trying to make a better life."

By the way anyone who comes to the U.S., for the purposes of living, working,... more »