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Legislative Branch

Cost Cutting Ideas to OMB

I work as a staff physician for the Bureau of Prisons and in the community. My work in the community keeps me current with medical recommendations and standard of care. Our regimen of care exceeds the community standards, specifically maintaining standards that entitle federal inmates to a physical examination fourteen days within entering the system, performing exhaustive intakes on inmates each and every time they... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Voluntary Reduction In Government Salaries

A significant reduction in government salaries can result in substantial cost savings. Ask employees if they would like to volunteer for a reduction in hours.

This is a win-win situation for employers and employees. I would want to work for an employer that offered this opportunity. Of course the employer and employee would have to consent to the time off and it would be dependent upon the workload.

I have worked... more »



Department of Commerce

Eliminate GSA Schedules and Reform Government Procurement

Currently the GSA Schedules is a joke at best and a total waste at worst in terms of price discount for the goods and services purchased by the federal, state, and local governments.

Most of the pricing on the GSA Schedules are only 10-30% off the vendors’ list prices. The U.S. federal government agencies have consistently failed to realize any cost savings in its procurement practice based on the useless GSA Schedules.... more »



Department of Justice

Cost cutting ideas for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Everyone in the U.S. is feeling the effects of the drained economy, except the Federal inmate population. These inmates have been CONVICTED of crimes! They should not have as many “perks” as they do. Here are some ideas to help the Federal Bureau of Prisons to cut costs.

1. Make the inmate request system paperless. There is no need to print out blank copies of these requests, as it can be done electronically.... more »



Executive Office of the President

Enforce the Telework Mandate

By enforcing (really enforcing) telework for non-essential, eligible, and related personnel, the Government will save tremendously on the abundance of unused space, parking, transportation, electricity, fuel consumption, security, etc. We desperately need to ENFORCE this mandate which has the potential to cut costs significantly. Too many "old school" government personnel are inhibiting our advancement for a desire... more »