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Legislative Branch

Criminalize vote bartering and ex parte legislative discussions.

When a piece of legislation is brought before a legislative body (either the House or the Senate), it is nothing short of bribery to vote swap (i.e., I'll vote for your bill if you vote for mine; or I'll vote for your bill if you give my district X dollars via an unrelated amendment).

Two rules could fix this:
1) No off-the-record conversations about pending legislation (ex parte communication). It is simply unfair... more »



Department of Agriculture

Eliminate funding for USDA partnering with GMO companies

The USDA has no business partnering or developing EIS for/with companies who produce genetically altered (mutant) crops. This is blatant corruption and a conflict of interest. GMOs are unsafe and have been proven so. The majority of the world does not want them. Eliminate all funding to promote GMOs and positions involved in this corrupt activitiy. We should also not be hiring former Monsanto employees to work at USDA.... more »