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Department of Veterans Affairs

Better Letters for Vets

VA needs to upgrade the structure and content of standard language used in its automatically generated letters (MAPD and PCGL) to provide optimal service to Veterans, slash claims inventory, save money, and boost employee morale.
Edits should be done by VA employees who work claims daily, not contractors in Washington who have never opened a Veteran's file.
Every month VA receives thousands of requests to clarify... more »



Department of Energy

Paperless Executive Secretariat Process

The Executive Secretariat at the DOE is the office through which all formal correspondence with outside entities is screened for quality control prior to sending the response. However, their process is extremely flawed with its draconian rules which requires paper submission of ALL materials remotely related to such a formal correspondence.

For instance, if an outside entity has a question about an EPA rule, the formal... more »


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